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Well, 2nd child, 2nd son turned 14 yesterday.  He did "NOT want a 'birthday party, Mom!'  
 <sniffle, :*(  whimper>
He just wanted to go bowling with a couple of friends, eat out and have them sleep over.  Thankfully, only one of them could sleep over....OMG! I have heard the word "dude" used more in the past 14 hours than I think I heard through all the 70s! LOL!  

It's like "Dude, or Hey Dude!, or "Dude, Dude, Dude!, or Oh, Dude Man! "   I also was enlightened last night to realize it's not just the K-6th grade crowd that calls everyone 'dude'. LOLOL!!

So, in the spirit of the moment....Well, dudes, I'm off to clean up.  Hey, dudes, have a great Saturday, K?


Came home from work at 10:30 last Friday morning.  Ugh!  Had a temp for a few days & thought I was over it.  Yesterday, the head cold part started.  DANG!!  Not Fair!!  

Monday was MLK day off school, Tuesday was a teacher in-service day and today is a snow day.  Goodness!  That's lots of days off school!  The paycheck will be very skinny next Friday, as last Wed. was a snow day too!  Yikes!!  Next month there is a week off school (mid-winter break) and in April there is a week off with spring break.  I do love my job but it is getting pretty difficult on the finances.

Guess it would be better to get off my seat and on my knees and talk with someone who can do something about it!   


Snow Day


Weeeeeel-l-l-l, it's official ~ we're having a snow day.  In fact, I was surprised to hear on TV that Governor Deval Patrick in Massachusetts had called a state of emergency and called for the National Guard to bve ready to be deployed.  Apparently there are many power outages there.  We're only about 25 miles away from Massachusetts, but thankfully we still have power.

Oh my gosh!  I just went in to the kitchen to get something to eat, came back and asked husband if he would like something to eat.  "Move! There's boobs on TV!"  (one of those NGC shows)  I guess even 'old' boys will be boys.  LOLOL!!

Health Rant

Health issues are starting to tick me the heck off!  Just before school began the tremors started in my right shoulder.  Went to the doctor, he sent me to a neurologist - got a ct scan.  They were looking for MS.  I looked at the brain scan with the neurologist.  It wasn't the pattern she was looking for to diagnose MS. (which is, of course, a good thing!)  However, as we were looking at the brain scan, I said "Is that a spot?"  It was a black semicircular thing.  She agreed but wasn't a bit concerned.  She inferred that the tremor was in my mind.  GRRRRR!!!  I felt like whapping her in the head with the arm that has the tremors and say "Oops! That must have been in my mind too!"

All this is on top of the fact that I've been walking with a cane since about the same time.  We went to a cook out just before school started.  The next morning I could hardly put any pressure on my right hip.  More right sided garbage.

I went back to my doctor and told him what she said and what I thought of her.  So.....I tried to ignore it and it slowly went away.

Last weekend I went with my family to a small mall in MASS.  It was very slow going with the cane but I reached a point where I could go no further.  Husband went to get the car.  The rest of the evening and since then, the tremor is back.   I don't seem to have any stamina at all.  

On a different tack but still health related...doctor also wants me to have a sleep study and c-pap machine.  I've had sleep apnea for years and he said that getting a c-pap machine and getting some genuinely restful sleep is something that has a chance of helping.   Hey! I'll try it! 

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Thus ends the first week back to school after Christmas vacation. (well...tomorrow anyway)  It has been a roller coaster for sure!  The break was nice but it was nice to get back to school too.  It really threw my student for a loop though.  It is weird, kids need stability and predictability, yet the system is set up to pressure them to adapt quickly to change and tough transitions.  Kids are expected to simply bounce back from all the time off school and 'get back in the groove' quickly. 

2011 and Old Routines

So, tomorrow is 'back to school' day - the 1st day of school in 2011.   The kids aren't too happy about going back to school, however, if they were off much longer it wouldn't be good either. 

My 13 year old 8th grader is friends with an 11th grader who is our neighbor.  I don't  usually mind them hanging, but I've noticed that my guy comes home just a bit less respectful to me.  They went to the movies today and my guy hung out at neighbors house for a few hours after.  I was cooking shepherd's pie for dinner when he came home. It isn't something he likes and he said,"I'm not gonna' eat that!".  Um...excuse me?   He back peddled slightly at this.  He got cereal out from under the bar and I said "You need to eat a little bit, then you can have cereal."  he says, "I'll eat a bite."
I understand he's 13, he's already approx. 4 inches taller than me and he's swimming with hormones, but I'm still the mama!   We may have to review this concept.

Husband got laid off for the winter last week.  He's happy. He likes being laid off in the winter and he'll get unemployment.  However it isn't as much as his paycheck and money will be tighter.  Blah!  I've already looked into getting a 2nd job but maybe it is he who should do that - maybe cash on the side or something? 

Reflecting on Why Christmas IS

It has been a happy peaceful weekend.  In all the hustle and bustle of the commercialized christmas hype, it is a blessing to be able to reflect on why there is Christmas.    

Yesterday after all the present opening and the kids getting us up early <yawn>, I went upstairs to have a nap.  I grabbed for my crossword puzzle book but felt drawn to read the accounts of Christ's birth first. 

Although the book of Matthew gives an extensive geneology it is for Joseph, who isn't Jesus' biological father.  Nonetheless, Father had a plan.  Incidently, Mary, to whom Jesus was born was of both the Tribe of Judah and the Tribe of Levi, so no matter if people tried to refute claims of lineage, they were covered. (That's just my opinion) 

Also recorded in the book of Matthew is a tidbit of information that had previously excaped me.  Matthew 1:17 "So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations".  I don't believe there are any accidents in the Word of God, when there is repitition is has meaning.

Luke begins by saying that although others have told about the birth of Christ, he would also like to record it for his "most excellent Theophilus", so that he will be sure about it.  He also gives an account of the events surrounding the conception and birth of John the Baptist before telling about Mary.

So, despite these two accounts of His birth, there were so many prophecies about the coming of Messiah and how they should know he was the real deal. 

Cheese & crackers! I seem to have been on a real soap box here.

Long story short, Thanks to Father for his Son who used a "cross to bridge the great divide".